The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

(Set Up by an Act of Parliament)

Steps to reduce the file size of scanned photographs & signatures

Please note that all applicants are required to upload their scanned(digital) photographs and signature and the file size of each of the Photograph and Signature should not be more than *50 KB per file. The online application system will not allow to upload files larger than 50 KB. All Candidates have to upload his / her Photograph and Signature only in "Jpeg" format and file name of Photograph and signature should preferably be photo.jpeg and sign.jpeg respectively.

For Uploading photograph

  • Take your recent colour passport size photograph in digital format. The picture should be taken against a light/white background.
  • File size of each of the Photograph should not be more than 50 KB per file , otherwise it will not be allowed by the System to upload.

For Uploading Signature

  • The candidate himself/herself should sign( no capital letters) on a white paper with a black ink pen.
  • Scan the signature in 200 dpi( dots per inch) scanner resolution settings and the file size should be less than 50 kb in jpeg format.
  • To reduce the size, crop the image of the signature in MS Paint or any other Photo Editor. Please ensure that only the signature portion is cropped and not the entire A4 paper on which you have signed.

Once the photograph and signature is uploaded by the candidate successfully , System will generate a Confirmation page of the applicant on the screen with pre printed Photograph and Signature .

How to ensure that the Photograph and Signature are within 50 KB per file.
  1. Should you have a digital photograph or signature, please open the same in MS Paint by right clicking the photograph
  2. Press Ctrl + W ,a window will open which will have an option 'resize by %'. Here enter anything between 10 to 50% and save the file with an extension .jpeg.
  3. Check for the size of the file in 'properties'. If the file size is still higher than 50 KB, once again open in paint and resize it to bring it down to less than 50KB.
  4. Repeat this process till the file size is less than 50 KB.
  5. Save this file with the file Name as mentioned above as photo.jpeg and sign.jpeg